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BOMAS of Kenya
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Experience the diversity of Kenya’s authentic music and dances. Preserving the rich and diverse cultures.

Welcome to BOMAS of Kenya

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About BOMAS of Kenya

BOMAS of Kenya was started by the Government of Kenya in 1971 as wholly owned subsidiary of the Tourism Finance Corporation (TFC) the Company was established to Preserve, Maintain and Promote the Rich Diverse cultural values of various ethnic groups of Kenya and to act as a tourist attraction centre thus Bomas of Kenya is expected to preserve the authenticity of the Kenya’s Cultural values and to portray them in the pure form.

BOMAS of Kenya

Online Services

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Daily Shows and Tour of the Villages

BOMAS of Kenya has an enviable MICE facility in a quiet and serene setting.

Harambee Dancers Booking

Our repertoire consists of over 50 dances from different communities.

Located in the south of Nairobi, BOMAS of Kenya has an enviable MICE facility in a quiet and serene setting.

From finance professionals, construction experts, All African Games, international live music concerts to wedding parties, our halls have hosted a wide array of events and shows. And we are not stopping any time soon. Thank you for being our guests and for all the cherished memories.

BOMAS of Kenya